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Welcome to Surfacing Version 3.0! We’re still adding content, but the fix is in: we had a little design competition over who would get the position of webmaster, and I got the short stick won the prize. That means I’m also the face of the site, so most support and sales inquiries will be responded to by me.

The new site is built on WordPress, which may surprise you. Its extensibility, ease of use and ridiculously large pool of developers makes it business class product without the price tag. The goal was to make the site have the usability of a “Web 2.0” site, both for clients and visitors, but to also avoid the cliched, airbrushed look that usually comes with that trashy 2.0 vibe. And I wanted to stay true to the design of the original 1997 design intentions and the awesome 2003 makeover I helped with. I still think v2 was a marvel; it was beautiful, fast loading and easy to navigate. It was, however, a massive headache to manage.

To go with the new site comes a server upgrade – two actually. The server that hosts the client sites plus Surfacing was originally a single Intel CPU. All the sites have now been moved to a VPS on a dual core 3.0Ghz server. If you’re a customer, you’ll note the VPS logo in the header of your control panel along with a bevy of bountiful bonuses. with added services, upgraded resources and more tutorieals.

Why a VPS? Several reasons:

    – Licenses are cheaper for Fantastico and cPanel, etc. Even if it’s only 1 VPS on the entire server.
    – Backups and restores are easier to manage and faster.
    – Future hardware upgrades will be much faster and nearly (or totally) transparent.

Speaking of hardware upgrades, I did say there’s going to be a second server move in the near future. If one dual-core CPU is good, 2 Quad-Core CPUs would be even better, right? But with all that power, you gotta give it some room, like maybe four 750GB SATA server-grade drives in Raid-10 for speed and data protection? Done. Oh, and 32 gigs of RAM to top it off.

Seriously, how many shared hosting companies pack that kind of muscle? All our plans are being upgraded, and most clients will see an increase of two to four times their original space and bandwidth at no additional cost. And since we don’t oversell like most hosting companies, all this power will be yours to use, not yours and twenty thousand other people.

Enjoy the new site – it’s actually only 95% done, but we all liked it so much we posted early. Oh, and don’t forget to send me a note and tell me what you think. Just email me at surfacing.com

– Joe

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