Welcome to Surfacing Web Hosting!

We provide cPanel web hosting for sites that need more server resources than normal shared hosting provides, ensuring that all the sites we host are extremely fast and extremely reliable.

  • Their hosting: A single pentium4 or dual-core processor and 2 to 4 gigabytes of RAM, one or two separate internal hard drives.
  • Our hosting: 8-32 CPUs, Raid-10 drive arrays for speed and data protection.

Our clients get the benefits of both dedicated servers and shared hosting (powerful server resources, cPanel, Fantastico, mySQL, unlimited email accounts and much more), and none of the drawbacks of either (expensive/time consuming server administration, costly, redundant offsite backups, slow, oversold servers).

How we do it: We call it Dedicated Shared Hosting. Shared hosting servers are usually considered full only when they are at (or beyond) their optimal disk and bandwidth limits, leading to dozens or hundreds of clients on a single server – this is called “Overselling” and is common operating procedure for most web hosts.

We measure capacity by space and bandwidth sold, not used – we intentionally undersell our resources.

  • Their servers: Tens of thousands of web sites, and sites that “hog the CPU” are routinely terminated for violating the abuse clause of the Terms Of Service.
  • Our Servers: Fewer clients per server, more resources to share, faster database calls and more responsive sites that use PHP/mySQL like WordPress (and all those plugins!), Magento e-commerce and popular forums.

Who does business with us: Our clients run the gamut – rental companies, retail product and software developers, musicians, authors, internet marketers, web designers, bloggers, families – but they all have one thing in common: the need for fast, easy, reliable, powerful hosting.

How we describe our services: We provide services for sites that are too busy or too CPU intensive for cheap shared hosting and for those who want the performance (but not the hassle or cost) of an extremely powerful dedicated or virtual server.

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