Kristel St. Johns
AS8 Coordinator
Writer of Within, Without, Per Manum, Essence, Existence, as8x22 ("Untitled")

Kristel St. Johns originally hails from western Michigan, having only made the move to beautiful Portland, Oregon in 1996. The X-Files, it seems, have literally changed her life, for she would never have made the move were it not for friends she made online due to her XF fandom.

Growing up in Michigan, Kristel alleviated the boredom by losing herself in fanfic, specifically Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfic. This hobby carried her well into her adulthood (she was even published in two fanzines produced by Tytanima Press ( while in high school. After a several-year dry spell, however, she came across The X-Files and the wonder of online fandom. She created and administered the first Mulder/Scully relationshipper's mailing list (XF-Romantics) and she found herself so inspired by the first XF fanfic she ever read that she was compelled to write a sequel, and the rest, as they say, is history. You can find her fanfic, including her novels "Hegira" and "Nightscape", at her website,

Kristel conceived the idea of AS8 during one of her MANY sessions over the last year of pondering how great S8 could have been, if only... Little did she know where it would lead her. Aside from coordinating the project, Kristel is slated to write five episodes ("Within", "Without, "Per Manum", "Essence" and "Existence" as well as a bonus surprise for the AS8 project.)

When she's not writing, Kristel works in the marketing department of Lightware, Inc., a data/video projector company based in Portland. She lives with her significant other, Paul, and her cat, Amber. She has recently replaced her XF obsession with Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and particularly the character of Spike, and she now fills her Sunday nights
with a bowling league.

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Elizabeth R.
Co-writer of Badlaa, co-writer of Vienen, beta coordinator, general administrative flunky

Elizabeth is an attorney in Kansas City who first learned of the Alternative Season 8 project via the notify list for Kristel's fanfic series "Aphrodisia," which has given her some very interesting dreams involving Mulder and a pair of handcuffs. She initially signed on to help out behind the scenes at AS8, coordinating the beta process and gophering as needed. Eventually, she agreed to co-write "Vienen," but only because she completely forgot about all the black oil business, distracted by memories of Mulder and Doggett running around that oil rig in t-shirts and jeans.

Elizabeth's obsession with The X-Files began halfway through the second season and tapered off when Duchovny started phoning it in. She's extremely bitter over the fact that the only episode that takes place in her hometown is "Fight Club." Her favorite MOTW ep is "Home," her favorite comedy ep is "The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas," and her favorite mytharc ep is "Paper Clip."

Elizabeth grew up in Kansas City, and recently returned there after three years in Los Angeles watching O.J. Simpson trials and three years in Pennsylvania going to law school. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys working on her novel, stalking Eddie Izzard, and writing about herself in the third person.

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Mary Ann
Writer of Patience

Mary Ann has been following the X-Files since the 3rd season. As a Scullyist, she had high hopes for a Scullycentric year with Season 8 but was disappointed when the writers dropped the ball. A avid fanfic reader, she learned of AS8 by way of Kristel's "Aphrodisia" mailing list. Intrigued by the idea of correcting the mistakes in Season 8, she had a moment of insanity and signed on to rewrite "Patience", which she now compares to a non-swimmer jumping into the deep end of the pool. But for the record, she states that the support, encouragement and enthusiasm of all the folks involved with AS8 has been incredible.

She is a native of Decatur, Illinois which had a mention on the X-Files, she just can't remember which ep. In her spare time she likes to work around her house, watches do-it-yourself shows on TV, cheers on her nephew's little league accomplishments, loans money to her 19-year old son and co-exists with her cat, Milo.

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Writer of Medusa

Samantha was first introduced to the X-Files by her sister some time during the third season. Although she had Internet access well before then, somehow the two interests never merged until last year. She began reading fanfic and was impressed by the talent of many of the authors. She began playing around with her own ideas, none of which ever actually saw the light of day until now. She was compelled to try her hand at rewriting "Medusa" in order to defend the reputation of the MBTA. While she'd be the first to admit that the T has its flaws, she's never feared that her life was being endangered by single-minded bureaucrats insisting that the trains run despite the flesh-eating organisms coating the tunnel walls.

Despite having lived in New England for most of her life, Samantha is still frequently asked "You're not from around here, are you?" due to her inability to shake her California accent. She works in the Operations group of a financial company in Boston and lives somewhere in the blob commonly known as "just outside of Boston" with her husband and their two cats. She is an avid amateur French horn player and is a member of a community orchestra, a community band, and a horn quartet.

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Jennifer M.
Grammar Gestapo

Jennifer was introduced to the world of fanfic when a friend sent her a Phantom Menace parody of the Monty Python "Dead Parrot" sketch. She quickly followed the link to find out where all the clever people were hiding, and got deeply involved in reading Star Wars slash. Being possessed of a curious mind, she eventually sought out a het fanfic relationship, and found MSR.

At that time the X-Files was ending its sixth season and Jennifer had never seen an entire episode. That was quickly rectified (thanks to syndication) because without having seen the show she couldn't figure out the context of the stories. She was immediately charmed by the complexity of the characters while simultaneously annoyed, frustrated, exasperated, and generally cheesed off with the lack of continuity and actual science on the show. The gaping holes in plot and characterization fed her fanfic addiction, where these sort of things can be fixed.

Jennifer's (admittedly short, to date) career as a beta-reader came about after sending Kristel St. Johns feedback on the Aphrodisia series. Jennifer couldn't handle her enjoyment of such a well-constructed story being undermined by little glitches, and eventually worked up the nerve to ask Kristel if she wanted help. This led to Jennifer not only being paid to be anal at work, but now she does it in her spare time, too.

As of 7/4/01, Jennifer has done Grammar Gestapo duty on Within and Without. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three coincidentally black cats.

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Writer of The Gift

AS8, IWTB, MSGG, NYC, INTP, MSR, PWP, CDB!, LMNOP. garrull shares her living space with two aloe plants she rarely waters and a TV with rabbit ears (which gets The X-Files just fine); her live-in significant other is a Macintosh G4 named Salem. Current and past occupations include enigmatologist, columnist, diaskeuast, dancer, cartographer, choreographer, researcher, producer, tech writer, designer. Her mother, a non-Phile, recently said, in all seriousness, "You should have been a forensic pathologist." garrull is also a part-time recluse and idiot savant.

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Writer of Invocation, Empedocles, Co-author of This Is Not Happening

Jo is a 25 year old UK phile who is relatively new to writing, but an avid reader of fanfic.

Stunned by the obvious opportunities missed in Invocation, Jo leapt at the chance to take that episode on, as well as Empedocoles. She is also co-writing This Is Not Happening.

Being a primarily MSR viewer, it is perhaps surprising that it seems she has taken on the Doggett-heavy episodes - but vows to give him the character growth that 1013 didn't and make sure Doggett fans are left satisfied.

[email protected]

Writer of Three Words, Co-writer of This Is Not Happening

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Lara Means
Writer of Redrum

Lara Means has been a professional television writer for the past six years, writing half a dozen episodes for short-lived TV shows. She began writing XF fanfic in 1999, after realizing that it would be her only opportunity to play with these characters, since her agent told her that 1013 said she "wasn't quite right" for the show.

Lara's first posted story, "Roses," is a post-ep for "Millennium." Since then, she has written nearly 30 stories and took 2nd place as Outstanding New Author in the 2000 Spooky Awards. Her series "Conversation Hearts" was nominated as Outstanding Series that year as well. "The Fine Thread of Sanity" placed 2nd in a Church of X challenge; "Balance of Power" won The PURity Virtual Summer Season "What If?" challenge, and "The Cause of the Effect" took 2nd place in their "What's Your POV?" challenge.

In addition to her own website, Written by Lara Means, Lara also maintains three fanfic archives -- CharlieFic an archive of Charlie Scully stories; The X-Files Most Unwanted an archive of stories featuring Doggett and/or Reyes; and Lara's Favorites a recommendation archive.

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Dot Warner
Continuity Co-Coordinator

Dottie is a Buyer for a large Airplane Manufacturer in Seattle, Washington, which is good since she likes to shop. She was born and raised in the Northwest, and despite the rainy, gray days, she cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Dottie became a fan of The X-Files in season three after seeing "Pusher". It was the first episode she ever saw and she was hooked right away.

Recreational reading is a passion for Dottie and as she was scanning the web one day, she stumbled across X-Files Fan Fiction. She did not have a clue in the world as to what it was, but really liked The X-Files and thought it would be interesting to read. The first story she read was "Dogged Determination" by Rhondda Lake. She enjoyed the story so much and the concept of fan fic, that she starting searching for more. Through her search for quality fan fic, she came across a WIP called "Aphrodisia" which led her here, to AS8.

Her original goal was to help out with beta reviews of the episodes. When an opportunity arose to help with the continuity of the episodes, she jumped at the chance, which will allow her to utilize her "anal retentiveness" for the greater good.

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Writer of Via Negativa

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AS8 Graphics Queen

I am a 30 year old Website designer and Graphic Artist. I live in Florida. I work from home, so that I can be at home with my two boys. I am happily married and have been for 10 years. My husband is a LAN Admin and races rx-7's for fun. We have 3 Chihuahuas, Sprocket, Polgara and Moiraine.

I started watching the X-Files about half way through the second season. I was hooked immediately. The storylines were great, but the real catch for me was Scully and Mulder. The characters were so dynamic. I couldn't help but watch. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny work so well together and even separately they shine. They are amazing actors. They portray Scully and Mulder so well and so believably that you feel for them. You laugh when they laugh, you cry when they cry, and you hurt when they hurt. No other actors have effected me like they do. Making you feel what you are seeing on screen. They amaze me.

I learned of this project from Kristel. I 'met' her through her amazing fan fiction. Kristel is a "Featured Author" on my website Blown Away and definitely deserves it. Her writing is awesome and I ' wait ' in anticipation for each of her stories. Although I'm not a writer ( I know, I tried : ) I am THRILLED to be a part of this WONDERFUL project.

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Writer of Salvage

Dear Diary:

You remember that dream I was telling you about, with the blue duck and the really big umbrella? This is worse. Much worse. I don't know how I get myself into these things. Really, I mean one day I'm an innocent beta-reader, biding my time until I can go crazy with my red pen, and then whammo! Assigned. As in, we'll-call-it-volunteering-to-write-but-you-really-have-no-choice-in-the-matter. And on a suck-fest of an ep like Salvage no less.

Okay, sure I watched XF faithfully for seven years before being so mind-numblingly bored with Season 8 that I gave up. And yeah, maybe this is my chance to be part of setting that straight. But I don't write! I can't write! What will I write? Something tells me that all of these days and nights spent in the wholly uninspired realm of property management aren't going to be of much help. Maybe a nice long drive through Portland's older neighborhoods can provide some inspiration. Or an afternoon at the Widmer Brothers Brewery. I suppose I could always fall back on my rarely-wild-or-crazy youth in Montana. Or spend an afternoon at the Widmer Brothers Brewery.

Of course this means I'm going to have to get Action!Mulder and Action!Scully back out of storage. Which is probably a good thing since Action!Spike was starting to get lonely (note to self: hurry up and buy the boy Action!Buffy soon.) I don't care if my friends would probably be worried if I -stopped- playing with toys. The familial units on the other hand...

Maybe I need a new hobby besides planning gatherings with other members of XF-Romantics. Hey, it could happen. Maybe I can start planning gatherings of Spike lovers. He's evil. But you should see him....ahem.

Oh well, diary. I guess I can't be any more inconsistent with the characters of mythology than The Boys at 1013, right? And there are all these cool kids working on the project too. I'll just have to give it the old college try. Except I was in college for five and a half years and I still don't know what the phrase means...let's hope it doesn't involve all the procrastination or the surviving on macaroni and cheese of those days.

Wish me luck!

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Writer of DeadAlive

Nancy is 31 years old and a reluctant denizen of that sinkhole of suburbia, Rockland County, NY. She has a boyfriend and a cat (although not always in that order), loves fresh air and lemon muffins, and could stand to lose 10 pounds. But enough about her non-X-files life. Let's get back to the important stuff.

She saw her first X-File episode in re-runs back during the summer of '94 (she thinks it was Ghost in the Machine) She watched a few more over the next few months (Darkness Falls and Tooms stand out), and decided the show was worth watching, despite the fact that the mytharc episodes always made her feel like her brain had been sucked out through her ears and thrown in a Cuisinart set on 'puree'.

Seven years later, nothing had changed.

She was floating aimlessly around ATXC in the late spring of '01, seeking fuel for her fic addiction, when Kristel posted her first message about AS8.

....and the heavens opened up, and the angels sang 'Hallelujah'...

Well, not quite.

Nevertheless, she was extremely excited about the prospect of fixing that was wrong with Season 8, and soon found herself to re-write a little ep called DeadAlive.

A mytharc ep.

God (and her AS8 compatriots) help her.

[email protected]

Co-Writer of Roadrunners, Chief Formatter,Webbie-In-Training
Jemirah, a.k.a. Denise, a.k.a Jamie, lives in The Middle of Nowhere, Tennessee, where she works in an antique store. She divides her spare time between the internet and a big, noisy hound named Elliott.

Denise started watching the X-Files when 'Demons' was repeated just prior to the start of season five, her tendency to enjoy Mulder torture proving itself to be a powerful thing even in its infancy. After much suspicion of insanity from her family, she finally discovered fan fic online in late 1999 and an outlet for her obsession was born. She started out doing the occasional beta before finally getting the nerve to post several of her own stories. She joined AS8 at XochiLuvr's insistence, when he asked her if she wanted to help him write an ep. Little did she know what she was getting into....


Writer of Alone

Profession: College Professor (English, specializing in medieval and renaissance lit.)

Former fanfic experience: a couple series, an XF novel "Vengeance", some stand-alone fic.

Why I decided to join AS8: I felt that CC had an incredible opportunity to make this season unparalleled in the XF canon; with judicious use of Duchovny in his limited capacity earlier in the season and Anderson's ability (not to mention good writing) he could have pulled it off. I think back to the way GA's brief absence at the end of her pregnancy was the catalyst for much of the mytharc, and it makes me ill that so much of season eight was wasted on MOTWs, during which there was rarely any mention of the supposed season-long arc. I didn't hate season eight; I was just extremely disappointed, and I wanted to play around with some ideas about what could have made it better. I'll probably give season nine a shot in hope that TPTB will allow Mulder to pursue his interests while taking care of William; no further abductions and/or deaths for the ScullyMulders, please!!! I'd like to see Scully phased out, perhaps acting in an advisory capacity alone as Doggett and Reyes take over the X-Files. Squirrel without Moose is A Very Bad Thing.

[email protected]


Co-writer of Vienen, summary bod (read *very* part-time general admin. flunky)

Hazel is an English as a Foreign Language teacher in France but, by the time "Vienen" airs, should be safely back in London from where she hails after a 7 year stint in the south of France. She currently lives alone - if living with 3 cats can ever be called alone! She got to hear of the project through the X-Files Romantics' mailing list which Kristel, the project coordinator, runs. Yes, Hazel is a 'shipper and proud to be so. Through TXF and the Internet (especially the XFR list), Hazel has met and made many friends all over the world and is constantly having her faith in humanity restored, much to her continuing surprise. Even though she hasn't had the chance to see all of Season 8 yet, what she has seen has left her disappointed (or else she wouldn't be here, would she?) but she hasn't regretted a single second of her, umm, focus otherwise she would never have met so many great people :)

She signed on originally to help out with beta-ing however soon got roped into doing other things - 'zey haf vays of making you do zat here' - but hasn't regretted a moment of it. Like a lamb to the slaughter (after having one glass of wine too many) she volunteered to help out with any episode left neglected as long as someone co-wrote it with her - Hazel is actually very shy and positively cringes at the idea of people reading her words most of the time. A voice many miles away over the pond popped up and said '"Why don't we do 'Vienen' together? Just Mulder and Doggett running around in T-shirts and jeans!'. Like a fool she said, 'Sure. Why not? That sounds fun!' without having seen the episode in question (her mind getting somewhat sidetracked by above images) only to find that her 'darling' co-writer had forgotten to mention a tiny, itsy-bitsy detail like the black oil ::sighs::

Hazel's 'focus' with The X-Files began right from the start when it was first aired in the UK in January 1994, if she remembers correctly. The idea intrigued her at first, being a big sci-fi fan, but she soon got hooked on the characters Mulder and Scully themselves and not just the stories. It is difficult to say what her favourite episode is but she will stand up and admit to being a big mytharc fan.

Her claim to fame is that she actually knows the man who was touted as the 'real' Fox Mulder, in Blighty anyway, Nick Pope. Nick has written a couple of books on UFOs and Alien Abduction and has fairly recently branched out into writing fiction after leaving his job at The Ministry of Defence, where part of his job description was to investigate sightings of UFOs etc. Like Scully, Nick was initially a sceptic but he heard, saw and read too much and finally became a believer. Hazel has had many an interesting discussion with Nick but isn't quite ready to believe 100% that they *are* really 'out there', however she has heard enough to make her a little worried and is more than ready to keep an open mind on many things.

She is also a dreadful chatterbox and has probably written the longest bio. on the list.

[email protected]

Alicia Jacks
Co-writer of Badlaa, Asst. Webbie for Episodes as8x01 through as8x10

Once upon a time...there was a skeptic who didn't believe. This logical and non-TV watching petite Catholic taunted her boyfriend's roommate over his Friday night "Geeky X-Files sci-fi BS." That was until one night in October 1993 when: 1) the cable went out, 2) she somehow had spent all her weekend liquid entertainment funds 3) she locked herself out of her dorm room. With nowhere to go and nothing to watch, a tape of the XF Pilot was put on. By the graveyard giggle she began to realize that lump in her throat was, in fact, her big (but nicely pedicured) foot wedged firmly in her mouth. The skeptic not only became a believer but an addict.

Bitter that neither Lego Arts nor Muppet Mythology were approved majors at her college in Washington DC, Alicia resigned herself to a life of environmental and political policy analysis. She has written two screenplays and numerous short stories, none of which will ever see the light of day.

She recently returned to California where she currently is a Communications Director and Senior Policy Advisor. She will be starting law school this fall - unless of course that lottery thing works out and she can spend her days laying on a beach in the Florida Keys writing snarky political commentary and finding the ever elusive balance between the art of sand castle building and Bryant Family Cabernet Sauvignon (vintage 1996) consumption.

[email protected]

Co-Writer of Roadrunners, Webmaster, Graphics Guy, Pain-In-The-Arse Extraordinaire

A man (and as far as he knows the only man involved in AS8). Not your normal man, mind you, but a giant of a man in all things mental, physical, and emotional. A metaphysical force of nature with nary a whit of common sense to guide him on his journey through this plane of corporeal inhabitation.

An Existentialist Catholic who always hopes for the best, expects the worst, and feels guilty whatsoever the outcome, XochiLuvr is a hopeless romantic. Not in that way; he really is just hopeless, but we try to placate him a bit now and then simply to appease his delicate (yet oh so manly) ego.


Uh, sorry about that folks; seemed to black out for a moment. XochiLuvr is in reality part of a small-yet-highly-proficient web design firm, a published Macintosh Guru, an "Old School" Fumbler (Sarah McLachlan fanatic from before she made it big), Homeless Pet Rescuer, College Student, and a very bad pool player when he's drunk (and not too much better sober). XochiLuvr can be contacted at [email protected], or "XochiLuvr" on AOL Instant Messenger (when the thrice-blasted thing actually works).

He's also the list-owner of the MSR-lists, one of the largest groups of M/S shippers in fandom. His fanfic can be found at

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