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The Miminator

Mimic117's website. Mims is my primary beta and an incredibly good friend. Not to mention the fact that she's an incredibly talented author in her own right and one of the most connected people in fandom. I hang around her and she introduces me to so many new and wonderful philes. She's just good people. She also let me join her in writing the PoE series. Go check out her stuff and send her feedback - you'll be glad you did.


Donni is the infamous author of the Alphabet series - 26 titilating tales, and that's not counting the sequels! Another very special person to me. An EXTREMELY prolific writer, her stories are many and varied and LONG. You'll note that all these links are to women, and most of them write smut. I THINK it's only a coincidence, but I'm certainly not going to complain. Donni doesn't actually write anything LESS than NC-17. Adults with heart conditions, weak bladders, children not old enough to vote and those not having a strong constitution (and a sense of humor, drama, etc.) shouldn't attempt viewing this website without first consulting a physician. ::grin::


Jemirah is in many ways as much a designer of this site as I am. The background image, some of the graphics and much of the inspiration for the design are all influenced by her artistic genius. In addition to constructing beautiful dustjacks and collages she's also the writer of some of my favorite stories. Check out her site - not only are all her stories there, but she also archives many great stories by other authors. She also showcases her original XF artwork, as well as collages by others.

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