Works in Progress
  About the stories presented here:

These are my priority stories right now. I want to warn readers that I don't know when they'll be finished. I don't even know IF they will. If not, it won't be because I've forgotten them or moved on from philedom. The novels here are dear to my heart and they will be finished if I am at all able, even if it takes me forever and two days. It's more a matter of whether I'm CAPABLE than anything else. This is my disclaimer. I very much hope you'll read these and encourage me to finish them, but I warn two things: one, /begging/ or threats won't help. I react better to positive stimuli. So please be nice. Encourage me to write and I will write. The second is this: I take no responsibility for you getting "into" any of these stories, only to be let down if I don't update fast enough for you. I have seen authors stop writing for less, and I don't want to be one of them. I'm not a WIP writer - I don't, can't work that way. I'm too imperfect, and my beta is too damn good to do without (waves to Mims). These are already stalled, or too long to be finished in the near future, or the most difficult of the projects I'm working on.

Frankly, I have no clue if ANYONE reads my stuff. For all the stories you see on these pages, I average about four pieces of feedback per story. Some less, some more, and not all of it good, but that's the average.

Really, I think it's pretentious of me to expect anyone to 'get into' one of these fics, but I hate it when I get sucked into WIPs by other authors and I don't want to do that to you.

Again, be nice or bugger off, and be sure to protect yourself as well. Non-aggressive feedback is likely to make me write faster.


'Under a Blackened Sky'

This is truly a fic that wants to be written. The main plot was borne from my head fully formed and perfect - I felt like Zeus for a while. This fic is the epitome of coincidence, a story where real world historical figures mesh freely with our favorite duo. It is not some kind of historical AU, mind. It's a virtutes novel, post Engendered, and the best keywords I can come up with are mytharc, pre/post-col, M/S married, secondary character death, some humor, and angst for pretty much everyone. In here you will (eventually) find the origins of all the Consortiums, Krycek's heritage, a cure for AIDS, comets, Mrs. O'Leary's cow, death, life, primates, pregnancies, cancer, magnets, vodka, steak and eggs. Basically, life, the universe and everything.

As Keanu said best, "Whoa." Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (wait, that's a different story.) Don't forget your towel.

This story will also be the death of me. I have the overall plot and an ending. My problem is that I feel my writing skill is inadequate to do the tale justice. This story is my baby - I've been working on it since mid-2000. I write the story in bits and pieces because that is how the story is presented to me. I can't plot the chapters as most of the story is stream-of-consciousness with me going back later and fixing my tyos. Err, typos.

I never believed in "muses" before, but this fic has proven me wrong. I can claim no credit for this story- there is a divine spirit at work here. I just hope I can live up to the challenge.

Update: I've lucked into a LOT of new research - NPR is my very best friend. I now have enough notes on this fic to plot what happens to our favorite duo and the entire PLANET for at least the next 15 years past the end of the story - past the end of the "final" virtutes fic, Recollections, even. I also have more concrete knowledge of what happens at the end of the story arc. It's nuclear, it's extraterrestrial, it's probably within the real of possibility in the REAL world based on recent information released about certain government coverups. Mixing fiction and truth to make plausible fiction is fuuuunnn. :)

Here's a little test to see if anyone actually looks at this page... if you want to see more of this story, email me. If I get enough requests, I'll update the version posted here with more from the working draft!

Update 3/02/03: Still plodding along. Aren't you pleased to know?



'Universal Invariant'

Very much an AU story. Same vein as the Magician series, but I hope to make this one my own little place to play in. This part here is a good portion of chapter one. I have the first three chapters and a potential ending fully plotted.

Status: Stalled, but only so I can work on other stories.