The Process Of Elimination Series is Rated NC-17 for graphic sex. Adults only, please. Keywords: MSR, Smut, Humor, Light Angst.
  Prequel to the original. "Carpe Scrunchy." By XL.
Prequel-sequel. "It's hard to keep track of the important things without a list. By Mims.
The story that started it all... "Variety is the spice of life." By Mims.
"A little breaking and entering is allowable when it's in a good cause -- like satisfying Mulder's curiosity." By Mims.
"Scully, augmenting. But not that way. Mulder, floating in a most peculiar way. But not like that. Confused? So are they." By XL.

Mulder shows Scully a thing or two about being
adventurous. By Mims.

More installments coming soon from Mims and XL!
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