Server Move Complete!

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To go with the new Surfacing makeover, the new server is up and running! All web hosting clients now have their cPanel hosting through this server.

This completes the planned hardware move and software upgrades. There are a number of new features in your cPanel including tutorials and scripts and more ways to access your email on the web ( ).

For the non-techies: your sites are all now a LOT faster than before.

For the techies, here are the specs for the new behemoth:

    Dual AMD 2344 Quad Core Processors (8 cores total)


    32GB PC5300 Registered ECC RAM


    4x WD 750GB Caviar RE2 (Enterprise “RAID Edition”) 7200RPM, 16MB cache hard drives in RAID10


    8-Port Hardware RAID controller with Battery Back Up & 128MB cache


    Centos 5 64bit

When you log into your cPanel, you’ll see the words “VPS Optimized.” Running on a VPS is why the move from the old server to this one was completely transparent with no problems.

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